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Custom-painted Body Baits

UV Treated, custom-painted Body Baits.

Warrior custom-paints popular body baits and we top them off with a UV reactive coating. We carry a variety of bodies to match your needs!

To view the full line of Warrior painted lures, please visit the Body Bait catalog page.

Warrior's UV Elite Series

Salmon, Trout, Steelhead or Walleye trolling & fishing spoons UV Coated.

Warrior's UV Elite series fishing spoons react to UV light. Each pattern is selected to optimize reaction. A UV reactive die-cut is added and we treat the entire spoon in a protective coating.
UV Elite fishing spoons are available in a variety of fish catching colors!

To view the full line of UV Elite fishing spoons, please visit the UV Elite fishing spoons catalog page.

Warrior's Hot Glow Fishing Spoons

Salmon, Trout, Steelhead trolling & fishing spoons 3 hour extended HOT GLOW.

Warrior's 3 hour extended Hot Glow fishing spoons. Each fishing spoon is completely coated front and back in a durable white (green glow) finish. The formula in the Hot Glow finish is proven to glow over 3 hours in most conditions. Now available in the Little Warrior size.
HOT GLOW fishing spoons are available in a variety of fish catching colors!

To view the full line of HOT GLOW fishing spoons, please visit the HOT GLOW fishing spoons catalog page.

Flutter and Little Warrior Fishing Spoons

Flutter fishing spoons

Flutter fishing spoons generate hot action that Walleye, Salmon, Steelhead and other sport fish love. 3 3/8 inches, these fishing spoons are available in silver, gold and copper plated finishes.

Little Warrior fishing spoons are a smaller version of the Flutter fishing spoon design. 2 1/4 inches, these fishing spoons are avalable in silver, gold, copper and Hot Glow plated finishes.

Serrated Willow Leaf Fishing Blades

Serrated Willow Leaf fishing blades - Excellent for Walleye fishing

The serrated edge on these Willow Leaf fishing blades creates more movement in the water. This increased movement from the fishing blade allows you to use a slower speed. An excellent addition to your favorite Walleye fishing rig.

Available in size 3 and 5 in silver, gold and copper plated finishes.

Fishing Spoons - Better By Design

Trolling / Fishing Spoons - Better by Design

Warrior Lures' custom designed fishing spoons will catch more Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Walleye and other game fish. Tournament tested and proven, Warrior Lures' fishing spoons deliver the fish. Trolling / fishing spoons are individually hand painted. The enticing action Warrior Lures trolling / fishing spoons have, catches more fish.

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